Release date: January 15th 2024

This Mobile FMV game features reactive split screen videos and battle royale sequences.

Clive has 9 different persona’s in his head, battling each other in an existential reality game show, it’s more than a bit weird. Clive says he’s looking after them, but he’s rather cruel, quite the sadist.

starring Neil Bell

(Star Wars: Andor, Dune, Dead Man’s Shoes)

music by sanodg

(Drakengard, Tekken, Ridge Racer)

You might only remember an existential reality game show featuring the multiple personalities of just one man…

Maybe you’ll remember that the 9 people in Clive’s head, know nothing of Clive. They have their own problems, mainly with loved ones who are absent or out of reach. They exist in a game show called the Mirror, a looping reality that goes on forever and ever in Clive’s head. The longer they stay, the more painful it gets, but unless they win the Mirror, they cannot escape.

You can help them one at a time to win in the Mirror and escape from Clive. But you can’t let Clive know about it.

In this game, you can make a friend, but in doing so you will undoubtedly make some enemies. 

Win or lose, it will be a story experience of epic multiplicity in black and white interactive video.

This game is not for everyone:

It’s like that quote from Borges: “I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me…”

Tim – June 22

Half the participants disliked the Ghost and found him ‘creepy.’

From User Testing – November 22

The interactions were the best bit - especially the wipe!

Z – January 23

I had an anxiety attack once. If I’d looked in the Mirror at that time, that would have been like playing this game.

Lee – May 23

Five of the six participants became quite stressed at the repetitiveness loop and two thought they had broken the phone at this point.

From User Testing – November 22

I have no idea who these people are or why I should care.

Anonymous – January 23

It's an avantgarde art film and game where you choose which character you would interact with, but all the characters are played by the same actor.

Anonymous – January 23