You meet a man looking into a mirror who says: “I don’t know, what we’re going to do, about you…”

Is he talking

Clive has 9 different persona’s in his head, battling each other in an existential reality game show, it’s more than a bit weird. Clive says he’s looking after them, but he’s rather cruel, quite the sadist.

Clive is a Good Guy
This Mobile FMV game features reactive split screen videos and battle royale sequences.

The 9 people in Clive’s head, know nothing of Clive. They have their own problems, mainly with loved ones who are absent or out of reach. They exist in a game show called the Mirror, a looping reality that goes on forever and ever in Clive’s head. The longer they stay, the more painful it gets, but unless they win the Mirror, they cannot escape.

You can help them one at a time to win in the Mirror and escape from Clive. But you can’t let Clive know about it.

In this game, you can make a friend, but in doing so you will undoubtedly make some enemies. Win or lose, it will be a story experience of epic multiplicity in black and white interactive video.

You might only remember an existential reality game show featuring the multiple personalities of just one man…

A “good” guy called Clive.

“We’ve designed this game to be like playing an acid trip infused “human animal” version of Pokémon, mixed in with Her Story and the Plays of Samuel Beckett. You’re either going to love it – or hate it!”

Krishna Stott - producer
Clive is a Good Guy
Clive is a Good Guy