the Mirror, the game inside Clive's head


“a digital decision maker app from the upcoming mobile FMV game Clive is a Good Guy”

This would indicate that there is more than one thing going on in the storyworld of Clive!

You’ve heard of the Mirror, yes?

the Mirror, the game inside Clive's head

More info about Live by the Spin at the app website

First Look inside the storyworld of Clive!

Live by the Spin

– a digital decision maker app

This revolutionary app is the answer to decision fatigue, having been scientifically “engineered” to increase procrastination, decrease productivity, and provide an unfathomable sense of relief as it entirely lifts the burden of decision-making off your weary shoulders.

You bring the big life question, the app gives you a decision and Clive’s 9 personas let you know what they think… it’s fun, honest!

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